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History of Chemicals

Chemicals, which are found in nature and created in laboratories, are at the heart of our highly industrialized society. Chemicals protect our health and control pests. They also help clothe us, shelter us, and feed us. They are found in innumerable products for our homes, businesses and industries.

Although most chemicals present little or no danger to the environmental or human health when used properly, the past few decades some chemicals commonly used and widely dispersed have been found to pose a significant threat. An example of this is the family of chemicals called polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs. It was not until after tens of millions of pounds of PCBs were produced and released into the environment that scientists realized how persistent and potentially toxic they were. Over the past few years, scientists have found PCBs in soil, water and even in the milk of nursing mothers.

Many companies in the chemical industry have learned their lessons the hard way. The public now demands that the only way is, the safest way. The safe manufacture, distribution, storage, and handling of chemicals is important to protect corporate liability, human health, and the environment. RCS is constantly stressing the importance of taking the conservative approach and going above and beyond the useful regulations.

Our current clients are quality organizations that recognize the need for excellence through a "Whatever It Takes" type of corporate culture. It is RCS Inc.'s desire to build on this traditional and continue building long-term partnerships with new clients that will allow for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.


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